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We are actively helping youth in los angeleS

Over the Summer of 2018 Creator Sports has scholarshipped 14 Athletes at various levels and various commitment levels. In 2019 we currently have 8 players receiving some level of scholarship.

With your help, we can expand that number and help out even more athletes.


We could not be more proud of our new partnership with the Developmental Club Lacrosse League (DCLL) in Northern Los Angeles!  Teaming up with clubs like Ronin, Silverfin and Cobras brings in the expert coaches the youth in this area need.  For more information check out the link in the "Events" drop down.

Your donation makes an immediate difference in the lives of young people. Your donations go to scholarships for individuals or putting on free clinics for young athletes.

Creator Sports reaches out to athletes in need and fills that need.  Whether through mentoring, travel arrangements, tournament fees or club fees we look to sponsor athletes.  Creator Sports is also working on setting up clinics for young athletes.

On the surface, your donation helps a player onto a team or onto the field in some way.  Beyond that, you're giving a player an opportunity they wouldn't normally have.  Through sports this can mean higher levels of confidence and in some cases directly furthers collegiate opportunities.  We believe that regardless of the scholarships a player does or does not receive, that the opportunities in sports teach lessons and helps players along in their future endeavors.

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CREATOR SPORTS CALIFORNIA is a Nonprofit aimed at helping underprivileged athletes experience opportunities they might not normally have due to financial complications.

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