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Thank you for your interest in supporting our community

Since 2018 Creator Sports has supported over 100 athletes and we look forward to continuing that mission.  Whether that is providing equipment or scholarships your contributions have helped us to grant new opportunities for so many.

WhAt's new?

With the Mint Club team building steam our current goals are towards supporting boys that cannot make the admittance fee.  This year we are looking to scholarship  8 young men into the Summer program.  Our goal is to raise $13,000 for Summer season.  As of March 1 we are at $6,000!

Other ways to help

We are always looking for new and lightly used gear to give out to young players.  If you have helmets, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads or sticks in your garage, please reach out and we can find a young player in need!

Upcoming event!

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